[The Machariel battleship breaks apart, flaming wreckage burning up in the atmosphere of the blue planet below. Riddick, surrounded by a bubble of his pure willpower, drifts untouched by the calamity and lands on a floating asteroid.]

RIDDICK: Shouldn't have messed with me.

[The main core of the flagship detonates in a massive white light. Riddick puts on his goggles.]

[Riddick hurls Ultra Boglath into the sun. The resurrected Machariel explodes. A solar flare envelopes Riddick. He seems to be dead, but then he parkours expertly out of the sun on a pillar of white fire.]

RIDDICK: I warned you.

Riddick: They'll be back. They always come back. But next time...

[The camera pans back as we see Riddick waving his arms and the planet of Furya reforming into a single planet and all the Furyans coming back to life to fight on Riddick's side. They do the Furya salute and assume karate poses.]

RIDDICK: ...I'll be ready.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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