As soon as you drive up you'll know I bought this place. I bought it in 1988. I hope you feel welcome. After 22 years of being in government custody it is finally back and open for business.

It is filled with all of the luxuries I would lavish on a woman I was wooing in 1988. All of the pleasures. Have you ever thrown a hammer through drywall at a woman standing in the room next to you? I did that once and I missed her but only because of cocaine.

Drive on up and ring the bell. Keep ringing it. Sometimes I am downstairs doing my drawings. I like to draw ghosts and think about what I will do in ghost mode. Probably not a lot.

Do I got to put a different thing in here for every thing?
you can text me on my cell phone at 888-234-2213
fair warning though I don't know what to push to reply to texts so if you don't hear back then everything is cool
if you do hear back thats because I messed something up
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