This week we're revisiting one of our more disturbing themes: hideous mutant animals. Nature in its infinite wisdom only goes so far, so it's up to the Something Awful Forum Goons to go all the way to the edge – and stand on it. This week we boast a nice assortment of all sorts of animals and bugs that don't exist, and for good reason. If you are a big game hunter, I'm sure this collection of images will give you the most dangerous erection you've ever had. If you're not, then you should still get a few good feelings down there assuming things are wired correctly.

YourFather thought he just saw a g-g-g-ghost!!!

CrackyMcZap's people spoke of the day this image would come destroy their village, and that day is now here.

YourFather reanimated the corpse of his grandpa and forced him to make this picture.

All those years in the joint paid off for UnfortunateMeaning, as demonstrated in figure 42b.

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