Breakfast cereals are considered by many leading experts and ethicists to be a good way to start your day. That said, most breakfast cereals are quick to promote a healthy and lighthearted image. This week such courtesies are shat upon, as the Something Awful Forum Goons set out to make the most offensive breakfast cereals possible. For those easily offended, such as good hearted people as well as those of pure soul, this week is probably going to make you get all uppity and write me e-mails telling me there is some racism featured here. That said, there is lots of foul language and offensive jokes this week, probably more so than normal, which is already quite high. If you come from somewhere unique in this world, chances are your people get insulted this week.

ConspicuousEvil came up with the idea for this week's Phriday and gets things started with this image.

AceClown recently found a tiny frog living in his throat that he named Pete.

allgore sharpened his claws for the kill but this picture still knocked him on his back.

As luck would have it, Arcados pulled the right levers in the right sequence, and out popped this image.

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