The Goons of the Something Awful Forums recently went batty and embellished famous paintings, sculptures, landmarks, movies, and everything else with Batman iconography. Some of these images are exceptionally nerdy, so if you didn’t pay attention in art class, you might have no idea what the hell is going on. Then again, if you paid attention in art class, you probably shouldn’t be here. Go away, we don’t want you!

Quickly Robin, activate the BatIndex!

"Phalex" gives us our first glimpse of the infamous Batwomb secret hideout:

"cthulhukid" traced Batman all the way back to prehistoric times, where he did more hunting and gathering than crime fighting.

Magical "Borfo" uses his super powers to link Batman to ancient Egypt, where he probably battled King Tut:

"scrutinizer" honors the mighty Adam West in one of the weirdest ways possible. I certainly hope there is a logical explanation for this, like drugs or excessive alcohol.

"Actionman" packs a lot of action into both this picture and his pants:

"illumn8d" found this shroud in his bathroom hamper:

"scrutinizer" traces Batman's underwear and utility belt all the way back to the Bible. No wonder Jesus was so crafty.

"Shadowcaster" brings us this holy moment:

"Old Grendel" fondly recalls the best pope ever:

"fldr" shows Batman during his brief monastic phase:

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