The shiny robots and talking dogs of the Something Awful Forums recently took a stab at updating some produce labels from the days of a long freaking time ago. It comes as no surprise that the Goons are still far too perverted and unstable to land actual jobs as produce label designers, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate their horrifying work. We probably shouldn't, but then that hasn't stopped us in the past. Assume your best action position, because loads of dirty jokes, offensive humor, and assaults on all that which is decent await your viewing!

"stimpygato" has some really sick looking fruit:

"dablakh0l" has more class than a high school yearbook:

I'm very frightened by this "velvetelvis" picture.

I'm pretty sure this "Free Radical" fruit qualifies as damaged goods.

"3xCool" is the sourest lemon salesman you'll ever meet:

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