Science fiction has exposed us to a wealth of alien worlds and races, many of which boast technology far superior to ours. But what were these races like before they truly mastered their technology? This is the kind of question that keeps many nerds up at night and far away from the dangers of females. For some strange reason we attempted to answer it ourselves, and things didn't go smoothly. This week is sort of a train wreck, but I picked through the rubble for survivors and some of the more ghastly victims. To put it more bluntly: we did not do so well this week. The Something Awful Forum Goons gave it a good shot, but not every idea works out. You can't win 'em all I guess. Now please enjoy a bad idea taken too far!

Manos del Sino got things started this week. He had good intentions with this theme, but unfortunately he's going into the witness protection program now.

Beanpants makes the Predator into a dapper gent, which I guess counts for something.

wrl made Cowboy Predator, soon to be appearing in "Cowboy Predator versus Cowboy Batman versus Cowboy Aliens versus Cowboy Terminator versus Cowboy Superman versus Motown Robocop."

CuddleChunks takes the Predator back to his small town roots except without the small town.

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