Since the time of the Industrial Revolution, about 500 B.C. if I know my history, mankind has looked to the locomotive for wisdom and salvation. Mostly, though, man has looked to the train for transportation of persons, animals, and cargo. That usually works out better than the wisdom and salvation part, which really wasn't true at all. I apologize for throwing that in. Thanks to railroads and railroad barons and the trains the railroad barons put on the railroad tracks, transportation has been transformed dramatically, and so has society. While trains may seem quaint now, they connected countries together in a way surfboards never could. Looking back on the long history of the railroad, the Something Awful Forum Goons pay tribute with a collection of horribly inaccurate images celebrating trains.

Arse Porn Cage unravels the mystery of the pyramids and for that he's my National Treasure. :)

Kaotahn makes this bold statement about something I can't possibly begin to comprehend.

They should call ArcaneMan "TrainMan"! Do you get it? Huh? Guys?

Vishass is some kind of master renaissance painter. He's a regular Abraham von Beethoven.

purple_haze sure is a card with this here wagon train joke. Sorry, I kind of spoiled the surprise. I do that a lot, I guess.

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