In case you're not very bright or live in a country controlled by the Taliban, you've probably noticed the excessive number of magazines flooding newsstands. For almost every hobby, interest, and demographic there are half a dozen magazines each competing for the love of those twin eyeballs of yours. Unless of course you only have one eye, in which case you're a goddamn Cyclops and have no business leaving your cave. In spite of the over saturated magazine market, the Something Awful Forum Goons still managed to find a few things that have otherwise been neglected by the newsstands and magazine racks of this fine planet. Prepare to subscribe to mental anguish and quality laughs!

Fear the Walking Dead!

Oh no, here is an image I made.

Oh how we enjoy a good zombie joke. Thanks "Inky".

"-Ken-" aims straight for the dead Republican demographic.

"Zakath" also enjoys a dead Republican now and then.

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