"bakahams7er" chooses to illustrate the horrific suffering millions of gamers are facing in the form of a single tear:

"Curufin" is destined to please Valve with this quality release:

"CardinlBiggles" only dresses like one.

It ain't pretty, but "Bozarth" has stripped most games down to their rotten core:

"Keshik" appeals to the achy and sore demographic:

"geno1173" is a class act, not to mention my hero!

Hot diggity dog, we're done! Thanks to my hipster friends at the Something Awful Forums for making these images for us. With their slave labor, I am able to feed my family expensive meats and cheeses from the four corners of the globe. We'll be back next week with pictures of Robocop's big vacation. There is a Page of Shame if you want to see some real crap, but it's terribly unexciting.

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