I'm not saying I'm gay, but I would prefer seeing two guys fall in love.

Here's a happy fellow.

Someone get child services on the phone right now.

I keep telling Lowtax to fire Shmorky and hire this guy but he never listens!

Before Weekend Web I bet most of you didn't even know what lolicon was. No need to thank us. We're just doing our job.

Are you guys ready to hear a story? Stay a while and listen.

I get no respect I yell ya, no respect at all!

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    Lair Flair!

    Your lair. Maybe you lure victims to it, maybe you hide in it between killings, or maybe you haunt it 24/7 because you’re tragically confined by a curse. Whatever the situation, for most of us monsters, a living/un-living space is an important part of our identities. In this column, Monstergeddon award winners share their lair tips and techniques!

  • SkyMall Product Review: Bark Deterring Ultrasonic Collar

    SkyMall Product Review: Bark Deterring Ultrasonic Collar

    Works great on my child, who hasn't barked at all for as long as she's worn the apparatus. When she turns three, we will remove it for a trial period.

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