We found one guild that takes itself more seriously than any I've ever seen. I present to you the Valar Guild.

Guild membership is not something you are given, it's something you earn. Remember that.

Special thanks goes out to my homeboys from BYOB. They are catpunch2006, NATIVITY MULE!, da 2pacolypse, Virgin Married, King Bowflexious, big duck equals goose, Dharma Chameleon, Rubber Tucky, CyborgPanda, Bigopinion, Winter Bonfire Sacrifice, SuperMario, Tuna Tataki, HulkaMatt, XXXStockingStuffers, Bag of Glass, Keeks, Jesus Krist, Needs More Ditka, Snortimer, Dr. Bluman, Pinefresh, Supermanisdead, Funkentelechy, Greed, antek, doublehawk00, and ktarthan. Next week we'll take a look at more wacky forums and maybe, just maybe, find love.

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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