I hate people from America who want to live in Japan. Here are my talking points for this segment.


2. While Japanese women are stereotypical subservient to men and have no will of their own, THEY STILL WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU.

3. They hate anime nerds over there JUST AS MUCH AS WE HATE THEM HERE.

4. Your life will be a pathetic circus of despair no matter which country you live in.

5. Fuck their rail system and fuck you.

Take note, Japan Forum.

Oh you just made everybody soooo jealous.

They're supposed to ask your age before you register to make sure 13-year-olds don't sign up.

Yeah I want to leave a country where at least half the people speak English so I can go hang out with this fucker all day.

I wonder how many disappointed nerds get off the plane in Japan and realize that all the women don't look like Naruto.

One of the few ways Japanese people can assert their individualism. Look as white as you can. I hope this blonde hair makes me stand out!

ASCII art is supposed to look like something.

Ths guy is stuck in 1942.

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