It's like watching a fish flopping around for air around the drain of a running garbage disposal.

Now that you mention it "SonGokou1685" is a lot like Will Smith, except you know, without the millions upon millions of dollars.

Yeah that's all we really need in life. Anime, video games, and art books of underage girls scared that the guy next to them is going to grow tentacles and rape them. And they do.

Oh those crazy Star Trek Muslims.

I would like to start work on the television version of Weekend Web. It would be really hillarious to see guys like this actually posting the shit they post. Think about it. Can't you imagine this guy typing out his witty flame, jamming on the submit button triumphantly, and then refreshing his board constantly for two hours awaiting the reply.

If this guy is a fan of Something Awful, then what does that say about us? Oh god!

Yeah we could already tell.

That whole bit worked for Chris Rock because he was black. Sorry but white people going, "I HATE NIGGERS" doesn't really do it for me.

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