Great post, I love it!

Jesus Christ is this actually Dragon Ball Z/Terrorist fan fiction? Sweet Jesus is this guy insane or what?

Yeah and it's less pathetic than your forum as well.

It's good to know that communists rate higher than homosexuals.


Look at the dates these two messages were posted. What guy thought to reply to this thread a whole month later?

"Loki DeNiro" is the kind of kid who, when the direction of his birthday party goes from everyone wanting to eat cake to wanting to jump in that bouncy castle thing, and "Loki" wants to open presents instead, he'll throw a tantrum and his mom gets fed up and sends everyone home. Everyone realizes what a fucking dick the guy is and never goes to another of his birthday parties. And that brings us to today where he's posting on an internet forum about Dragon Ball Z.

Well I guess this explains why you started chasing after men.

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