Flash Flash Revolution

When I first heard of Flash Flash Revolution I was excited at the prospect of a dancing game combined with showing your private parts to a large number of people. I expected a game in which you must flash your ass, pussy, and tits in tune to the beat of the game. But my dreams were shattered when it was just another fucking Dance Dance Revolution forum. Oh woe is me.

I am going to have to second "flypie743's" assertion on this matter.

Yeah you wish.

I used to have a friend who went by the name of Bob_Man. He was the greatest.

This post is in the right forum that's for sure.

I like women's butts.

Goddamn getting caught sounds like it is the worst thing. I'm glad it never happened to me.

This guy must really have a pungent odor.

Drink the entire Draino bottle and don't wake up until forever.

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