Enough with that badger shit already! Christ!

Okay let's see you think of something better. Pretty soon our economy will be based around bottle caps and blank CDRs.

"Beeglz" is short and to the point.

Developer of one of the greatest video game series of all time posted a thread like this on our forum not too long ago. I wonder whatever happened to that guy.

He makes a good point actually and I don't know why FYAD submitted this one. Jesus may have been a hippy but he was also a really laid back guy. Many people would say "Howard Stern is not very Jesus-like!" Well let me tell you something dickface, Jesus would probably be a listener today!

These are all incredible usernames and I'm sure you guys worked on them very hard.

Uh oh! Don't let Infinity broadcasting see that or they just might stone you to death.

Yeah what's "ur" point?

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