Isn't that every thread on the internet ever posted?

Press the uninstall button? But I'm still waiting for my tab.

Stop everything! It's the internet!

Instead of sending my kids to school I'm going to sit them in front of the radio and make them listen to the Stern show.

Search for "hot golfcourse xxx suck", "grocery store sluts", and "artie_is_god's mom".

This guy works on the Howard Stern show and nothing ever works and he's a fucking screw up. This is a professional radio show, it shouldn't sound like DJ PIMPZ SHOUTCAST.

Hey now, "d0uche_n0zzle" this isn't the Tom Leykis Show or anything. The Howard Stern Show fully supports dating money grubbing whores as evident by Stern's choice of girlfriends.

Nice work with the image tag, skip.

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