Awww, you're depressed? Yeah, just you and about everyone else, dear. Cry me a river.

Yeah, that's attractive. Apparently, "looking like the corpse of a decayed beached whale" is the hot fashion this year.

Well this is easy to read.

This statement could be taken in more ways than one. Does she mean "doodle him" as in draw him, or "doodle him" as in spread her ass cheeks wide open for his incoming cock?

I'm blind.

Why doesn't "kireihikari" just come out and say it? "I WANT TO SUCK THE DICK OF THE JAPANESE." There, don't you feel better now?

Knowing the internet, "aya_ceres" could be a fat woman straining her computer chair drawing pictures of gay furry tiger kickboxers that just got beat up over allegations of cheating in an intense game of baccarat. Or he could be a humongous man in a Sailor Moon outfit jerking off to poorly drawn gigantic humonoid anime lions who are jerking off with the 6PM to Tokyo subway with large amounts of semen and sweat drowning the poor Japanese business men below. It could go either way folks!

Well I'm glad I'm not his friend then.

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