What say you Jesus Christ?

ACES! An ugly fucking child!

Maybe Hair Pro v5.05 can help.


Haha the bible has "eyewitness" accounts. That kind of like saying that your brother's dentist's sister saw your baby's mama cheating on you with a giant squid.

I bet you "Chandra" is a demon in the sack. Oh don't tell me otherwise. These Christian women have such an intense pent up sexual desire they need to wear tampons just to soak up the massive amounts of vaginal fluid that build up during the day. Yeah during the day these women are all, "DON'T DO THIS! DON'T DO THAT! JESUS THIS AND JESUS THAT." But at night these women scream, "STICK IT HERE. PUT THAT THERE. FASTER. OH GOD YES." Trust me, a woman who lives a life of chastity and repressed sexual tension hits 37 and it's like her vagina explodes.

Oh my.

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