Women should go fuck themselves. Also, they should let men fuck them more. It's very complicated. More fucking of various kinds. No pegging.

Looks like Tide has turned! Ha ha! But seriously, can this stuff get stains out of the like-a-burqa-but-not-Muslim thing I make my daughter wear?

One of these posts contains complete nonsense; the other offers some helpful information about handbags!

Zebert is on to your feminist agenda, tuvw870. And he's revoking your "broad pass"! Ha ha *unhealthy cough*


Thanks to Gorilla Codpiece, IrvingWashington, Aerial Tollhouse, Jesoteric, marsattacks, Plutonis, King Lou, linall, Internet Wizard, gandhichan, SiliconX, SurreptitiousMuffin, thunderspanks, echopapa, Sines of Madness and Xandu for helping me to realize the extent of my oppression! Stay strong, brothers (none of you better be women).

– Daryl "Fucking" Hall and Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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