Your Diaper Page!

I personally think diapers should be outlawed. There is no reason we should be supporting these evil diaper companies anymore. Shitting and pissing onto yourself is disgusting! That whole "potty training" thing is a bunch of bullshit. There should be little toilets for babies that they can shit and piss in themselves. If they don't use it a little discipline never hurt anybody. For every time a baby shits on the floor you should hit them, just like you would a dog or cat. This is the only way they are going to learn. Diapers are a terrible plight on the world and it needs to be stopped.

Your Diaper Page! is only a roadblock in our quest to abolish diapers. These are people who feel the need to wear diapers as adults. They are sick. They are mentally unstable. They must be stopped! Viva la revolution!

I can't imagine what kind of childhood this guy had.

So pictures of children are not allowed, unless they are shown pissing their underwear or pants. Hm, sounds good to me!

I shove meat loaf up my ass and then shit it out into my diaper and then eat it out of the diaper.

I'm going this right now.

This is why Megan's Law exists.


At least it's better than goth poetry.

Pooping on someone's head is a terrorist act you ass!

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