Grimpuppy's Boneyard

Social anxiety disorders take many forms. One such form is embracing goth culture. I'm no psychologist but I believe that most people who are goth have a problem communicating with others and functioning in public. All that shit about the darkness and shadows, it's all about staying away from people. Or maybe they just really really like Halloween. Either way, here's a goth forum, Grimpuppy's Boneyard.

Sam Raimi was Co-Executive Producer of Xena but I don't know what he actually did on the show and I'm pretty sure he wants to distance himself from that series as much as possible.

The only acid I use is citric!

So evil... so dark... so lame...

I think he took a regular post and formatted it as a poem and now it's dark and foreboding!

Faggots can be sweet and innocent.

Again with the poetry format!

These guys have to live in the shadows because natural light burns their skin.

Why can't all these witches cast a spell to make them thin?

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