He never mailed me back. Those half blood elf, night elf mongrels never write back.

Take that, Naiszo, NFL Football Legend Dan Marino and one of your sisters.

Here’s to hoping that none of us are the right troll or raptor changling.

I’m not a racist, it’s just that my love for Christ leaves no room in my heart for those dark monkeys in a MMORPG.

Finally, because I like to end things on positive notes – I asked this guy if he wanted t to come play on my server. Here’s hoping he hasn’t killed himself!

And that’s about all I was able to tolerate from the RP servers. Speaking of tolerance levels, we are done for today with this write-up, so you are free to go. I’d like to thank the Something Awful goons who play World of Warcraft for the inspiration to make this article (we are all hardcore Role Players, especially on Kel’Thuzad); and an extra special thanks goes out to forum members John Dyne, Pierson and Rincewind for making me realize how funny FlagRSP could be. Have RSP profiles you want to send me? Screenshots? Tales of fucking people over on the Burning Crusade beta? Why don’t you email me, and see where things go from there. Next week: a new prank!

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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