Sequels are usually the scourge of the movie making industry. While 10% of them turn out to be successful franchises (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter), the remaining 90% fall out as unappetizing lumps of bodily waste not fit for human consumption (American Psycho, Robocop, Caddyshack). However, the ever-creative SA Forum Goons wondered what movies were like... before they actually became movies. That is, what were the unofficial prequels like, some time before all the action started taking place? Well thanks to the use of modern technology (warezed copies of Photoshop), a large amount of forum members were able to take a trip back in time to catch a glimpse of the exciting, highly non-futuristic past!

Cubass kicked off the competition with this revealing look into the recruiting process.

... then he followed up with this one.

Alley Cat has heightened perception skills, although I don't know why.

Anathema is thankful the government couldn't put you in jail back in the 70s for simply having colorful, pleasing dreams of murdering your peers.

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