At a first glance to the left of this "domaine", you realize that its really only supposed to be about two things: email & wormholes. However, Mawelulu (pronounced Mom-well-eww-l'eww) is in reality about many different interesting things. Things such as:
  1. Hotep
  2. Melanin Triple Thick Divine Darkness
  3. Swimming
  4. Going Buck With Html
  5. Marinating in Absolute Blackness
  6. Elemental Fluid
  7. Inserting Your Portrait Onto Dio Album Covers
  8. Sperm
  9. Saturating Electrified Celestial Strings
  10. Doing It
  11. Supercomputer Internet Baby
  12. Cracking Atoms Protons Neutrons Ad Infinitum
  13. Civil Rights
  14. Being High On Angel Dust All Of The Time
" I
& Macro Cosmic
The Divine Sperm
Of Impregnated Life
Sire of Conscious Matter"

I think my favorite thing about this website is that when you click the link to "wormhole", it just brings you back to the same website, sort of like the TV show "Sliders". I am currently writing this ALOD from an alternate, parallel dimension where Chukwurah Emagwall is a Doctor, the pioneer of the internet, a super computer, and an ocean filled with black cum. Please let me know where or when I can find the wormhole out of here. Thank you.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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