"Tersil was an ocelot like herself whom she meet through a church lunch. He felt uncomfortable the whole time so she befriended him by trying to lessen the awkwardness. Unfortunately this left a bad taste in her mouth afterwards in that she ended up making fun of Christians with him a bit more than she would have liked. She would try not to let that happen again this time, she hoped."

It must be crowded in there for all of these weirdos at Furs For Christs. Not only do they have at least one inner animal which they choose to manifest externally, but they are also filled up with some famous dead guy's eternal love and salvation. I always assumed that the reason that people were so drawn to fur-dom was a need to fulfill their inner sex freak, but this website is mostly rated PG. Mostly.
peter 3:14
Roleplaying, Jesus & Sports Team Mascot fan fiction, and so much more await you!

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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