The Christian Wrestling Federation, submitted by Lucas. Just when you thought the world of professional wrestling could not get more idiotic, Christianity comes along and proves us all wrong! As the title of the site suggests, the CWF is a Christian Wrestling Federation, intended to preach the gospel, save souls, and put Satan in a rolling suplex that sends evil out for the three count!

The Christian Wrestling Federation of Florida is a new entity in the world of professional wrestling. The purpose of CWF is to provide churches in the state of Florida another way to reach out to the lost, unbelievers and those who have backslid. The CWF combines professional wrestling with the preaching of the gospels along with soul saving. We feel that if one soul was saved due to the CWF then the show was a success.

For once I feel sad that an ALoD has so little content. They list a shitload of wrestlers like "Special Ed", "The Bug", and "Luchador Bob" but all of the pictures are broken image links. There is an extremely dull photo album, but the wrestler bios are what I want. They have a fucking tag team that makes fun of the mentally handicapped, how goddamn religious can they be?

This site might be wrestling heaven, but it's also pop-up hell, so be warned! Satan has his X10 clutches in even the most holy of web sites!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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