, submitted by Mark. What better way to celebrate the fact we aren't all dead than to look fondly at an American success story!

Meet Bobby Sullivan. Born in Boston, this charismatic 17-year-old is no ordinary high school junior. Bobby is preparing to showcase his musical oratory skills by taking the rap world by storm.. And Bobby is no stranger to the music scene.

Nice to meet you, Bobby! I hope your musical oratory skills take you to great heights, if only to let you fall to your much-deserved demise.

Sullee's funhouse of a website is filled with lots of nice pictures, many of which are of little Bobby Sullivan wearing great big clothes. Did you get into daddy's dresser again, young man? You are such a rascal! The site is kind of vacant now, but in the future you can look forward to exciting Sullee merchandise and wallpapers to ruin your desktop with. When I was young, I once sullied my pants.

Family and friends call him Bobby. Rap fans call him Sullee.

I'm not a rap fan or family, so I guess it's safe for me to call him something else.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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