Mind Control Forum, submitted by Lowtax. This site is easily one of the most staggering archives of human insanity I've ever seen. The Mind Control Forum is dedicated to letting victims of mind control tell their stories, no matter how monkey wrangling nuts their stories are. Virtually every crevice of this place is coated with a thick, mucus-like layer of pure human lunacy. It's like if there was a form of ectoplasm for pure crazy instead of ghostliness, this site would be were it comes from. Geysers of insanoplasm would spring into the sky then trickle down to form mighty rivers of conspiracy that spill into lakes of paranoia that connect to form vast oceans of madness.

This is both the universal symbol for mind control and the universal symbol for "hey, look at me, I'm a goddamn nut!"

Holy crap, let's just get started with a touching story about a man who's dog was at the center of a truly frightening ordeal:

Note: Angel died June 17, 1997 of paralyzing beams that made her unable to get up most of the day, creased her face, and made her fall in her own feces while I was out. - Ed Light I'm Ed Light, and my dog Angel is a victim too. She actually does all the work on the web. Ho ho - just kiddling.

After being de-sexed by a surgeon in an operation by a CIA trained Salvadorean Death Squad cadre, she has to take CIA/military radio tortures for the rest of her life since I rescued her from Peruvian fascists who very likely stole her from a Russian dance troupe (she used to leap and do fancy running that varied with speed).

Give a click here for her account. I have digitized it for her. She gets to the nitty-gritty of our daily existence. Angel tells me that some day she and I will be remembered as heroes in post-military industrial complex, post-fascist mind control, freedom of thought museums, books, songs, and videos. And you too will be a true hero if you spread the word against mind control, while all those underhanded lower forms of life who supported it will be ashamed to show up anywhere!

Jesus Christ, that's one wordy dog. I think his dog may be the unabomber. Turning from de-sexed Russian dance dogs to humans...

January 27, 2001:
The voices are now proclaiming that they are Satan and will give me everything I desire if I listen and act upon their requests. This puts me in a strong state of anxiety and fear I basically freak out. They brag that I have no proof. This continues through February. February 13, 2001:I travel to New York to visit my boyfriend. I have developed a painful ear infection and a cold because of having gone to the beach the month before. While I am in New York the audio volume is what seems to be at maximum, the voices are now deeper and continually telling me that they are Satan, and they want to see me die, they proclaim that they want me to jump off of a building, they go as far as informing me that my boyfriend is Satan and that I will give birth to Satan's child. At this point, I am seeing crude pink and blue images of people in pain, screaming, but in still frames. These are most clearly seen when my eyes are closed. The blue and pink do merge to form clear purple images in some instances, but basically it acts like a slow-scan poorly composited video.

September 29, 2001:A brief conversation with a friend reveals that he is hearing a single male voice intermittently, it is telling him to kill himself (in Spanish).

October 11, 2001:
My significant other is now hearing sounds within sounds, he is hearing the sound of his cell phone inside of the audio coming from the television. He perceives it as odd, I have tried to keep my actions towards him as being not related to these voices and keep the subject matter at bay as much as I could, so not to influence anyone into experiencing the same thing. (that night, I watched him try to go to sleep after not having slept the night before due to work, I noticed that the voices were were functioning at very high decibels, my teeth were almost vibrating, he was reacting as if he were hearing them, I focused on my computer, and shortly thereafter realized that the voices and vibrations had recessed, and he had finally fallen fast asleep)

You can read the rest of that crazy lady's touching story here. No, this is certainly not mental illness! I am also pleased to hear that Schizophrenia is now available in espanol, too! Let's move on to to the next sane victim of an entirely too real conspiracy. This guy is apparently the owner of Angel, that crazy revoltuionary canine we met earlier.

I'm presently living in Davis, CA, USA where there aren't lots of big buildings. I was thinking about finding one intermittently, and the day came when I was to drive to the San Francisco Bay area to check out some used tires I had located for my van (it takes an obsolete size, so it's hard to find them).

I found the tires at San Pablo and received quite varied responses to the effects the controllers were giving to my voice and mannerisms (the reason that I can't work). One person came in and verily cursed me! Obvously he was sent by some sociopathic authority.

Encouragingly, the tire professional was not so schizophrenic, and sensed that I was being controlled. So I got two tires and some good memories there at Richmond Tire.

"I'm being mind controlled" is probably the best excuse for not working I've ever heard. I'm taking the next few weeks off because a tiny chip inside my brain is telling me that I shot Kennedy and that I'm going to have Satan's baby, just as soon as I get some new tires. Time for some slam dunk action!

I've been stalked for fifteen years and as it turns out my life was ripped apart so some yahoo biker drug dealer wouldn't be found out as a dea informant. the rest of these folks need to comprehend their is no end to it and the senate armed services committee is behind the protection of those responsible. for their troubles.yes people the govrnment gave the most sophistcated surveillance equipment known ro mankind to organized crime and syndicate drug organizations. it all is very real!!! and most of the news media will protect the scumbags not you or your families.I've been crapped on by all and so will you if you pursue it they have money and power you and I do not.

Looks like I'm in dire trouble for posting this, AND SO ARE YOU FOR READING THIS. You are getting very sleepy...

They come to me in my dreams has if one was in a Lucid Dream State, Saying to me. We are the government and this is what we do for ( FUN ). Funded State that is. These SOB's have no morals when it come to manifestation their prey. My dream world is a world of SHIT! And that is just what i live in a WORLD of SHIT!

Enjoy this, for the agents of the CIA, NSA, FBI, CSI, SVU, SUV, ATV, CAT, DOG, MEOW, MASK, COBRA, HUT, HUT, HUT, MCI, NFL, NBA, MBA, IRA, GLA, BAT, HAT, ATT, WWW, Illuminati, MJ12, MI6, Yorba Linda Water District, CNN, and AOL will come and put tiny robot elves in your ears that tell you to bite dogs and scream obscenities at payphones.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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