No War On Iraq - Link Removed, submitted by Tango Queen. This is web sites that good time friend and liberals Tango Queen is always sending me towards and I am thinking timing is appropriate. Tango Queen is good guy but he is kind of silly too with the "no bloods for oils" signs and his sassy protest conventions. This site is good though it is petition to be signed if you are wanting to say no to the wars and even though I think Sadman Hussar is a rudos who should be thrown to the ropes by America and Mexico tag-team I am being towards feeling important part of freedoms is signing of the petitions and marching around in pieces.

Once upon a time, Hitsch Valär was promenading new-year morning alone. Quietly snowflakes were falling. At new year's eve there was a quarrel in the family Valär. Hitsch was sad and asked himself, what he could contribute to reconciliation. He felt powerless. His voice had almost no importance in his family. Underneath a fir he stopped pacing, listening to a conversation between a chickadee and a blackbird: "Could you tell me the weight of a snowflake?" the chickadee asked. "Not more than nothing", the blackbird replied.

So you are seeing people like Tango Queens are talking to the birds and this is trouble. So I am telling you do not sign this petition because if you do you are in the corner of Sadmans and all of the others who are supports of terror. I am just link to this site as Awful Link of the Days for cautions purposes to warn you of dangers of being too Democrats and not Republicans.

God Bless this Mess and America!

Editor's Note: The clownacre running the site redirected to stileproject.

– El Pinto Grande

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