El Pinto Restaurant of Liars, submitted by This Bunch of Rudos Jerks. I am not thinking these folks are made to know the meaning of cooking and are certainly not giving to knowing of the meaning of mother's recipes, God rest her soul. They are rudos and using good name of Yours Truly to sell their wares which are not including any recipes of my own devisings either! Make no mistakes, this is a roost!

Tradition lives on at El Pinto!

We have come a long way since our family started the El Pinto in 1962. Featuring traditional recipes from our grandmother Josephina Chavez-Griggs we are proud to serve the very best New Mexican cuisine anywhere. We started with a small restaurant in the beautiful cottonwoods in the north valley and expanded as our customer base increased and the demand for great chile became a New Mexico tradition.

These are people are not even Mexican and are definitely not from within the squares circles. If you are not being sure here is a comparison and contrasts.

This is Yours Truly, wrestling sensations.

This is being maximum rudos who are stealing the good names of Yours Truly and use in slanders. American president is between, kidnapped maybe? I think so.

I think the truths is out and you had better also watch out for the fury of my good friend A Turnbuckle At Law if you are understanding what I mean and I am thinking that you do.

– El Pinto Grande

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