The Face of Power, submitted by Coast to Coast AM. Purple text on a black background, my eyes are already on fire and my brain isn't far behind thanks to what the text actually says.

Life is energy – modern science has proven this. Our dreaming bodies are pure energy – they are our energetic life force or intuition, and they have their own volition. Our physical bodies and our physical world are simply the end-result of what we have allowed our dreaming bodies to manifest or become. Our dreaming bodies are limited only by our tendency to cling to beliefs and other static mental and emotional structures. These static structures prevent the spontaneous and fluid nature of our life force. We are what we believe – our beliefs and fears literally mold and create our physical world.

Thanks to Coast to Coast AM for yet another gem, although at least this time the guy is espousing a nutty philosophy that can't be easily disproven just because it deals entirely with dreams. Easily disproven or not anyone who doesn't already believe this sort of crap is probably not having much trouble spotting why it's just retarded self-help nonsense with fake new age spirituality glued to it like wall-papering a red hot turd.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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