Rubber Themes with Neoprene Variations and Leather Bindings, submitted by KuangMkV. AARRRGH! GRANDPA, NO!!! Harold is a very, very, very old man who likes taking very, very, very disturbing photos of himself. You see, Harold enjoys the feel of revealing leather outfits on his century-old decaying body, and Harold also enjoys sharing these horribly disturbing photos with you and I, the innocent users of the Internet. I'm sure this site is a godsend for all your folks out there who have "bearded old homosexual rubber man" fetishes, but it's kind of spooky for the rest of us. Okay, it's really creepy. Alright, I give up, it's downright horrible. I can't help but look at ol' Harold and instinctively picture my grandfather wearing this crap while attending church and eating Polish food with my grandma. The worst thing about this site - and trust me, it took me a VERY long time to determine the "worst" thing here - is the fact that Harold has a rather large, bulging, highly visible penis.

And many times they'll challenge standard definitions: Some would dismmiss this photo as masturbation concealed. That's not my intent or general experience at all. But certainly there's a lot of genital awareness in my daily life. To me, leather and rubber, closely worn, feel awfully well, and a goodly part of that wellness is my perhaps fully developed sensuality. So, when I grope, pat or backhand my pouch, am I gonna climax or something more . . . ? Or, am I going to take a deep breath, thank the gods of lustful development for lots of well-tuned nerve endings, and smile smugly!

You were probably wanting to ask, "What's that chain in the foreground?" while viewing the last picture. As you might have guessed, it just happened to be one of the four supports to my new leather sling. Since someone had suggested that perhaps I should be in chains too, how about basket jewelry, so to speak?

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm simply at a loss of words here. This site is just wrong, so wrong, on so many levels that I'm having a difficult time dealing with it. What do the people at the VFW say when Harold saunters in to Bingo Night dressed in a German leather and rubber suit? Exactly how many gay bars let in this guy before coming to the conclusion that Harold is not just an embarrassment to anybody over the age of 160, but he gives the entire homosexual population as a whole a bad name? Does Harold even have any grip on reality whatsoever? If so, is this grip firmly around his bulging genitalia? AAUGH, YOU DAMN ELDERLY MENACE!!!


PPS: Grandpa Horny Harold has a guestbook you can sign here, hopefully encouraging him to seek professional help. Thank you very much, Internet!

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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