Drowtales Moonless Age, submitted by GreatLemur. During the three or four minutes it takes this web site to load (on broadband, lord knows how long for you fortunate dial up users) I suggest you say prayers to whatever faith turns your crank because your world is about to be shaken to its foundation.

Drowtales is what happens when everything wrong with nerds collides and starts a shrill and painful chain reaction that leads to nerd critical mass. It combines elements of "Dungeons and Dragons", anime, IRC, and those hideous "net gurls" that talk in a blinking diarheah of animated emoticons.

So someone going to rp on the forum, can easily make hits goes beyond 100. so Drowtales get above 100000 hits per days. Making millions and millions of hits per month. This is an impressive number but it is empty of anything spectacular. To my opinion at least.That is why this true 1 million unique is for me something to be happy about. 1 million people came and saw the manga. Not a thousand whocame back very often. When you reach a web site and see a counter. and you wish to know if the counter count hits or unique. Refresh your browser. If the count goes up again. That mean the counter is counting 'hits' and thus the counter is artificialy increased.

This is part of why it nearly imposible to tell who get the most traffic, not everyone use the same way to count the visitors.

Did I mention that the dumb bitch cannot write her way out of an imaginary wet paper bag? Not only that, but if her rambling about hits is true her site is nearly as popular as Something Awful. That disturbs and saddens me.

Speaking of disturbs and saddens here are some words you never want to see written anywhere:

Hey, maybe if you combine a few more things into your crockpot of anime drow horror you will get every person on the planet waiting for the hideously slow front page of your swollen shitpit of a site to load! Maybe you could stream line things a little and reduce your image count from roughly 300 down to about 220! For fuck's sake, look at her menu on the left side, it's like a rainbow filtered through a clown's skull.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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