Darcphaze, Lady of Death, submitted by Demonyr. Despite the passage of more than two years the Awful Link of the Day from the Criterion Edition update remains intact. While tens of thousands of web sites bad and good have vanished from the Internet, Darcphaze has proven her tenacity by clinging to her little patch of the Internet.

You have stumbled upon
a nesting site of virulent undead....

Obviously she's not getting smarter nor hipper. Included among the sooooooooo 2001 goth posturing are a number of adorably un-hip cultural artifacts from those wild boom years of the web. Chief among them are links and pictures to those hideous dancing hamsters, the wonderfully quaint animated "under contruction" GIF, MIDI files, and NeoPets.

Probably the best thing about revisiting this site after all these years is that Darcphaze has gone from an EverQuest nobody to an EverQuest powerhouse and guildmaker!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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