Demented Desktop Archive, submitted by Yolanda. There is nothing more deliciously ironic than someone who is completely batshit crazy hating the batshit craziness of organized religion. The man behind the crazily expansive "Demented Desktop Archive" is on such person.

The American Baptist Press has a new, 'stirring' defense of Lt. General Jerry Boykin on its website. Boykin is the high-ranking Pentagon Intelligence official who's been preaching Holy War against Islam from church pulpits, while in uniform.

The gist of the defense is that men like Boykin ought not be questioned-- ever, on anything, political or not-- because of their 'heroic' service records. The thrust of the Evangelical support is that '[h]istory is on Boykin's side.... [h]eroism is on Boykin's side.... [and] nations without men like this simply don't survive.'

My favorite thing about Demented Desktop Archive is how he blurs the line between religion, government, and complete insanity. He jumps from topic to topic with hideous collapsing mazes of hyperlinks to huge rants and poorly Photoshopped images of Bush and Jesus. The site taken as a whole is a toxic nightmare experienced in an abandoned insane asylum where the doctors performed freezing experiments on the patients. It's an odyssey of suffering. An expedition into pure shitty pain.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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