My Happy Place, submitted by Epicutioner. Oh no.

Hi! My name's Bluesy and this is my webjournal. I hope you like it!

I'm sorry Bluesy, but I don't like it. My Happy Place is a blog on crack cocaine. I say this because Bluesy seems to be high in every entry he writes. I'm surprised the cops have not busted his door down and demanded to know where the stash is.

i stayed over at emily's house last nite, to sleep on her new carpet *its padded, its soooo comfy* and we watched elf! thats the funniest movie ever!! 'buddy the elf, whats ur favourite colour?' LOL!! well, i spent all of today at her house also, and we used to really like her neighbors, but now we hate them...theyre really evil! they always tell their parents about stuff that concerns US, NOT THEM, and theyre soooo annoying!!!! well, i hope this mess gets better...

How much more inane can you get than this?! I hope this is the upper limit because if I ever see another web journal that's more insignificant than this one my head just might explode. How can anyone read this journal and then think to themselves, "This was a great use of my time. I am glad I read this." There is nothing of substance here. There is nothing to learn here. There is nothing offered here. Web journals are the antithesis of intelligence. By patronizing these websites you actually get dumber. The wrinkles in your brain begin to smooth themselves out until you start up a web journal of your own. Can we please stop this madness?

– Zachary "Spokker Jones" Gutierrez

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