Kinky Celine, submitted by Hobotron. Warning! Porn site that will destroy your mind!

Celine is very pretty. She is a shapely and beautiful woman with straw-colored hair, a nearly perfect body, and a winning smile. Celine likes to take pictures of herself naked and doing various things to her body that most girls would consider a bit too risque.

Celine is also accepting applications for men willing to star in her real snuff film.

Scene #6 Proof of Snuff
In this scene the guys prove that the snuff was real. One of the things they do is chop off my tits. The reason for this scene is to show how real the movie is and to discourage anyone from trying to sell the movie because if it goes to snuff it would be extremely illegal and I don't want anyone making money off of something I worked hard for etc.

I can understand why Celine would want to die after filming "Scene 5: Forced Dogsex." This is probably the only ALoD I have done that has made me literally nauseas. If you want to tell Celine just how much you want to see her new snuff movie you can vote in her poll!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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