ebaumsworldsucks.com, submitted by Altf4. For a long time ebaumsworld.com has been stealing content and rebranding it from Something Awful and many other sites on the Internet. Everyone is used to having their content moved around on the net, but Eric Bauman obscures any references to the creator in favor of slapping his branding everywhere. And he's gotten rich doing it. Bauman claims to take down any content reported as stolen but the claim is a lie. When Lowtax encouraged people to post on ebaum's forums asking them to take the stolen SA content down Eric Bauman (or his dad) decided to include a redirect on his site that would strain our forum servers.

In response to all this silly Internet drama our forum users Altf4 and Trapezoid created this fantastic song and Flash movie. It's a real call-to-arms! If for some reason the link goes down you can view it at New Grounds. I'm sure Tom Fulp and his userbase have plenty of experience with their content being stolen by Bauman.

If you dig the catchy tune used in the video you can find out more about the folks responsible by clicking on or around this link.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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