Dreams Of The Great Earth Changes, submitted by me. Once you make your way past the anti-Bush quotes which seem to come standard at the top of every web site centered around politics, proper dental care, BitTorrent trackers, sports teams or pro-Bush sentiments, you are left with a pretty normal website. Assuming, of course, that your definition of normal is "a mile long laundry list of crazy ramblings about crop circles and healing crystals with an archive of the webmaster's dreams which dates back to the 1980s".

Then there's a special Christmas story which manages to outweird the Christmas story in today's update by quite a wide margin. It's about a glowing woman that talks to some kid about whether Santa is real and how floating lights are signals that people who don't believe in triangles are bad people. I think.

Johnny's sleep-face frowned. "I still don't get it. What does this have to do with Santa Claus?"

"Well, just recall some of your other dreams. Remember the dreams where animals and humans appeared on the porch, patio, yard, or roof of your house?"

"Yeh, I remember some of 'em."

"We were trying to inform you that your house, or other types of buildings, often represent your reality. The areas outside the house represent realities outside of your normal perceptions, like the dream and spiritual realms."

I'm still not sure what it all means, but it looks like the Talking Heads were really on to something with all those songs about buildings.

– Corin Tucker's Stalker (@DennisFarrell)

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