Queen of Farts, submitted by Abraham. In all my travels on this great informational plane we call the Internet, I have yet to find a quality farting site. I think my long search may finally be over. The Queen of Farts is a high quality adult site aimed at fans of farting, because lord knows farting never gets old or stupid and is of course highly erotic. Just look at the description for one of the free sound files you can download if you do not believe me!

Listen as I sing a childhood favorite meleody and incorperate a delicious fart into the song.

And they give this shit away for free! Of course the real treats you have to pay for, but really, what's a few dollars for the gift of WOMEN FARTING. Not surprisingly this site is not very work safe and in general will probably damage your brain forever.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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