Animal Mating Video, submitted by Agent Baal. A majorly gross website that has videos and pictures and crap of animals doing it hardcore. The site is okay to go to for a glance but I wouldn't click any of the links on there. Then again maybe the FBI will see you went to that site and then you'll be in some serious trouble.

The following clips have been added to the sites animal mating PC compatible DVD,
11 dolphin mating pictures.
Two ferret mating clips.
Shark mating clip. Bull semen collection clip added. Those how have ordered the DVD in the last few weeks will already have these clips.
Not a link just these pics.

I dunno, seems illegal to me but then again I saw a horse doing it with another horse in a barn a couple a years ago. Not like I paid to see it, just like I was driving past a barn and I saw this one horse giving it to another horse. It was pretty scary but also riveting, like watching a collapsing bridge, only it's a giant penis. Anyway, I don't think anyone got arrested for that, not even the horses, but I bet someone needs to be arrested for this.

– Steve "Malak" Sumner

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