If you could go back in time, which event would you have rather attended last weekend, Comic-Con or AuraMan? I realize that the nerdish time-travel element of that question skews the findings toward Comic-Con; also, I know most of you have (mercifully) never heard of AuraMan. So before you answer, here is a picture to help with your decision.

I probably need to clarify at which of the two terrible events this photo was taken. The answer is AuraMan. AuraMan 2010 took place at the Sun Aura Nudist Resort in Roselawn, Indiana, which means visitors likely encountered "crotch-staring" and "nipple-gazing" and perhaps even "ass-grabbing." When not running the groped-and-ogled gauntlet, attendees could "help erect The Man" or "make a butt print that you can take with you." Submitter chardish wondered if the double entendres in the event descriptions were intentional, which suggests he must not have delved too deeply into the (Not Work Safe!) AuraMan photo gallery, which, for the love of god, you shouldn't either.

This was the 7th Annual AuraMan, so if you're feeling burned because you missed out on "radical self-expression," not to mention continental breakfast and bizarre anchor-weighted arm flab, don't worry, there will surely be another in 2011! Be sure to bookmark this site for fest updates and consistently fruity (occasionally nauseating) comic fodder.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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