It started with this picture being posted on Facebook. It probably should have ended there, too, because this image is more than enough to justify Awful Link of the Day inclusion, but like an idiot I not only visited but also scrolled all the way down its seemingly endless expanse. (However, I did not look at the *live art cam.*)

Hilary Leigh ("also the web designer face painter, body painter, photographer, and painted model") makes a category for every damn thing. Angel Butterfly Skull Faces! Gold Ape Faces! Green Alien Faces! Brown Alien Faces! Open Face Tigers with Fangs & screaming cats! Speaking of screaming cats, this 'cat face painter' does not actually paint on cat faces. Instead, she paints pictures of cats, which can probably be found in one of the dozens of sidebar links I did not click, and also freaky likenesses of cats on people's faces, as seen in one the sidebar links I unfortunately did click. But while mascot cat Zola does not have to deal with painted fur, I'm sure she still feels plenty put-upon.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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