Macrofurry Island, submitted by Casanunda. We all know about furries and how disgusting they are, but how about furries with a gigantism foot fetish? How about one living in a comically pathetic fantasy world?

Hello my name is MacroMatt, but you can just call me Matt if you want. I am a teenage grey wolf who likes Rock music and likes to get stomped on a lot. I live in a giant house with my friends who happen to be macro furries. Theres Lionah the lioness, Pana the giant purple panther, Vixy the fox, Kiki the big leopardess, and Tina the giant tigress. Its hard at first living with a group of giants but give it a week or two of getting stomped on and you pretty much are immune of all the pain. Anyways I am also a macrofurry artist, I guess people love my art because I draw paws really well so people love the stomp pics I make.

Unfortunately his art is rather amateurish at best and looks like every other furry artist's work, which is to say, it looks like the "Gummi Bears" fan art a sexually abused 8-year-old would draw as a cry for help. I don't know what kind of horrendous sexual trauma or chemical imbalance had to occur to allow such a disastrous proclivity to come to life, but I imagine it has to be on the statistical magnitude of life forming for the first time on the volatile surface of a developing planet. Perhaps just as an asteroid might one day end life on our planet, a corresponding but lesser destructive force will wipe these crazy people off the map. Hopefully that destructive force will take the shape of a large robot with pincer claw hands and chainsaw eyebrows.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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