Thy Abode, submitted by Belvedere. At first I thought that read "Thy Adobe," so I was expecting poor Photoshop graphics created by English Crusaders. Then I did a double-take and realized the error of my ways. Then I did a triple-take and realized that I didn't care.

What is the Masegino. Who is Masegino. Why does this word sound so familiar yet when you try to recall whence you heard it, no memories conjure. Was it a word your friend said or something in your textbook that you casually overlooked. Why when you hear it, do you suddenly think of the future but at the same time it reminds you of your past. Was it something that happened yesterday. When did this word first enter your life. Was it that faceless person from your youth that you vaguely remember but yet no one else knows. Was it that person you saw out of the corner of your eye, which when you turned to look was only the sunlight creating mirages. What is it that draws you to find out. Was it that unique item which caught your eye with its brilliance but yet when you returned later to look at it, it was no longer there. Where is it. What if it is in the air you breath or the light you see. What if it is bad and evil or good and virtuous. What. Why. When. Where. Who.

Why can't he use proper punctuation. Why does he have a lens flare fetish. Why does he like freeware text generators. Why is his page full of the most meaningless and boring text ever created by a human being, or an inanimate object disguised as one. I'll give you a box of chocolates if you kill me.

PS: There might be a guestbook here. There might not. To tell you the truth, a coma began to set in after looking at the second page so I didn't stick around to see.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@TwitterHasBannedAllMyAccountsEver)

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