The Cigar Smoking Man, submitted by sthwg. This site is devoted to "searcher" railing against a mysterious IRC guy named "LITH". This LITH has supposedly done some terrible things, not limited to lying, cheating, stealing, soliciting sex from a minor, and various other offenses too incoherent to list here. In his rambling rants against the evils of LITH (I think it's supposed to be just one guy, but at times I got the feeling it was some weird business) the author uses acronyms and abbreviations so frequently that he seems to be talking in code.

So lith, Behind cinnamon's and other op's back promoted kavorkian to the all mighty OP status so they could gain respect from the users.

Shortly after that LITH received some how a unlooper.(I will show proof of all of this with logs of lith and from #dsstech channel) From then on you saw Lith every few hours four or five times a day Jumping into the channel post stuff like (Taken from actual log files)

After attempting to read a good portion of this site I immediately feel sorry for LITH and side with him against "searcher", who has subjected me to reading his monolithic idiocy. Speaking of Monolith, they would be the only reason for me to take a stand against LITH. If LITH is really IRC jabberjaw code for "Lithtech Engine" than I would like to personally shiv LITH in his most vital organs. You see, those chowder heads over at Monolith released a demo for the sequel to my favorite single-player First Person Shooter "Aliens Versus Predator". They didn't just shit on my cake with their horrible demo for "Aliens Versus Predator 2", they shit on a cake the size of Alaska, fed it into a blender, made me eat it, then kicked me in the guts until I puked it out, then baked it into another cake that they also shit on. Then they gave all this to me on my birthday and made me eat it again.

I hate you Monolith. Until I hear different, I'm okay with this LITH guy though.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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