The World According To ME!!, submitted by Farmer Monkey. This good customer is sharing many opinions and one opinion that I can take into my heart is that America is a good place to be. Many good things come from America such as cars, border patrols, cheese burgers, Microscope X-Box, Sony of America, and my favorite the Waffle. I think this fellow has some things to say about the Americans.

Q: How many femmes does it take to change a tire?
A: Two. And no help from AAA.

This is not the quote I am meaning to give you. This is on a page on the site calling itself unto Dyke Jokes, which I am not sure I am getting to the point of right away, but I laughed because laughing is for pleasure. Let me try my way with this again!

And the MORON OF THE MONTH Award goes to!!!!

Cindy The wonder Bean

WHY? : For not comprehending that the only reason she got hits on her wp and messageboard was when her God TGO was there ripping people apart. The Bean didn't learn until it was too late that her existence on the net was made possible by TGO. So in turn her banning TGO on the messageboard not only showed the world what a coward she is but it also marked the death of her wp and mb traffic wise. so here is a pity plug for the Bean.

I do not like this fellow so much any more because I am thinking he is calling me a moron of this month. Pinto is not always meaning bean and there is a horse named Pinto but is there a horse named bean or a bean named horse? No, so keep it to yourself next time and I will just file this case into the file for "R" for "rudos".

PS!!!! - I am almost forgetting to tell you that rudos superstar is having a guestbook for you to leave your dearest thoughts in! Click Here! Here!

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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