~dA HoTtEsT cHiCk In tOwNs PaGe yAy~, submitted by S_money. What's more annoying than a white person co-opting "black street culture"? An Asian person doing the same thing. What's more annoying than that? An Asian person who also runs a web site that happens to use alternating caps text, idiotic slang and spelling, and the gradeschool design stylings of the absolute low end Geocities page.

RoBbIE~i MiSsEd uR wHiTE aSs =(
JeSsE~ToRk HaS a NiCe AsS hA hA
MaRk~iM wAsHiN mAi hAnDs sQuEeKy cLeAn =P
EmIlY~hAe, sA lAnG hAe!

Ooooopsie! Did I forget to mention that her whole fucking retarded page is devoted to giving "shoutoutz"? I'm sorry, I feel so dirty! Folks, it may get more offensive, more repulsive and certainly uglier than this, but web design does not get any more inane and useless. Also, if I ever receive an e-mail in alternate caps I am going to have to blow something big and full of teenagers up.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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